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Autonomy: a Gift for Life

My heart feels warmer and bigger as I watch this boy, Camden, claiming his rightful place in the world, so determined to enjoy himself. Equally, I love the respectful patience and wisdom displayed by his mother in the way she encourages him. It’s very touching. The story that follows may seem sentimental, even banal, to …

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Moo or Oom, That’s the Question

“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are.” – Anon This maxim has inspired and been used by many, most notably by Anaïs Nin in Seduction of the Minotaur (1961). The quote has often been attributed to the Talmud, but this is a fallacy.


“If you really want to hurt someone, don’t go for them, go for their children!” He paused as a smirk momentarily flew across his otherwise deadpan face. He continued: “They will have to go on living, suffering the pain of loss forever.” A short breath, then: “And if they don’t have children, destroy their life’s …

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Fact Resistance

In an age of alternative news and facts, amidst confusion and polarisation, researchers from Stanford University present us with new discoveries revealing limitations to our capacity for sticking to reason. The vaunted human capacity for reason may have more to do with winning arguments than with thinking straight. “Why Facts Don’t Change Our Mind“ (New …

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Orlando Mass Shooting

  Last night when the news broke, I wanted to write something about the Orlando shooting. Instead I felt tired, exhausted, almost to the point of paralysis. I’m indeed tired – tired of these endless streams of depressing news, of hearing about people senselessly killing each other, here, there, and everywhere, of people selectively reading …

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In Times of Unrest

I’m filled with profound sadness this evening. I’m thinking about Paris, Syria, Beirut, Iraq, Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kuwait, Turkey, the Middle East, London, Oslo, Madrid, Copenhagen, New York, and every other place on our challenging and challenged Earth where human blood has been spilt needlessly at the hands …

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Barn fra religiøse hjem mer egoistiske

Et internasjonalt team utviklingspsykologer har undersøkt 1170 barn mellom 7 og 12 år fra ulike land og kulturer, for å se om barns moral påvirkes av religion. Resultatene, publisert i det respekterte tidsskriftet Current Biology, viser at barn fra religiøse hjem er mer egoistiske og hevngjerrige enn barn fra ikke-religiøse hjem. De psykososiale, samfunnsmessige og …

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Acting In, Acting Out

All I ever wanted was to support people in moving from a place of darkness into light. I feel awkwardly naïve putting these words onto paper, it makes me feel denude and exposed. However, it’s a fact: I have spent a lifetime acting out – in a manner of speaking anyway. I have engaged in …

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