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A trained actor, dancer and director (Norwegian National Ballet School; ArtsEd; The Norwegian University College of Dance; The Place;  Drama Studio London) I had a career spanning some 25 years in the theatre as a performer and director. A few years before deciding to leave the theatre, I began studying psychology, later retraining as a psychotherapist. A formally registered psychotherapist (UKCP; EAP), I ran a busy practice for some 35 years, also working as a senior lecturer, tutor and supervisor at several psychotherapy training institutes (Psychosynthesis & Education Trust, London, UK; PsykosyntesAkademin, Stockholm, Sweden; Norsk Institutt for Psykosyntese, Oslo, Norway).

Rooted in traditional psychodynamic and depth psychology schools of thought and training, I’ve also taken a great interest in transpersonal psychology over the years, yet essentially consider myself to be an existentialist.

Nowadays I’m an old age pensioner, currently living in the Norwegian countryside with Luxor, my dog. He’s a most handsome Pharaohound and a great mate. Here he is, my treasure in a shot taken on a snowy day last January:

PJ Dyrud | Bio | English version | Luxor

My work has been my passion; I consider myself fortunate to have had two careers, both within subject areas I truly, deeply love. Other interests include reading, writing, music (yes, music, music, music!), fine art, glorious Sundays in the park, cooking, philosophy, history of ideas, and politics.

Albeit born and bred in Norway, I spent several decades in London, a city very close to my heart. I feel as much affection for everything British – a profound attatchment and sense of belonging actually – as I do for my native Norway.

I can’t live well without my friends who accept me even when I’m at my worst. I take pleasure in great meals with lots of nattering around the table. My books are my treasures, and listening to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, Nino Rota, Sondheim, Getz & Gilberto, Miles Davies, Nina Simone and Jacques Brel my joy and comfort. And please, anybody – I urge you, don’t take  my telly away!

Looking at a Summer field or a vase full of anemonies or tulips fills me with contentment, as does living in a democracy striving for a just society and what’s best for all its citizens. My pet hates are meanness, stupidity, thuggery, prejudice, sloth, greed, injustice, hoovering and clothes moth.

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