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Hazrat Inayat Khan | The Ride

A friend sent me this poem. It reads like my autobiography.

Riding on the horse of hope,
Holding in my hand the rein of courage,
Clad in the armor of patience,
And the helmet of endurance on my head,
I started on my journey to the land of love.

A lance of stern faith in my hand,
And the sword of firm conviction buckled on,
With the knapsack of sincerity And the shield of earnestness,
I advanced on the path of love.

My ears closed to the disturbing noise of the world,
My eyes turned from all that was calling me on the Way,
My heart beating the rhythm of my ever-rising aspiration,
And my blazing soul guiding me on the path,
I made my way through the space.

I went through the thick forests of perpetual desire,
I crossed the running rivers of longing.
I passed through the deserts of silent suffering,
I climbed the steep hills of continual strife.

Feeling ever some presence in the air, 
I asked, “Are you there, my love?”

And a voice came to my ears, 
saying, “No, still further am I.”

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927)
Indian musician and Sufi mystic

Hazrat Inayat Khan | Murshid in the Garden at Suresnes
A portrait painted by Nan Hill

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