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A Treasure Found

The painting was bought for GBP 45 in 1958. In 2005 an art collector began restoring the painting and Leonardo’s masterpiece was discovered hidden beneath layers of paint. Salvator Mundi is auctioned in November at Christie’s in New York and expected to fetch some £75m ($100m)

My heart beat faster from aesthetic pleasure when I first came across this painting yesterday; I find it exceptionally beautiful. And, incidentally, in the event of ever being in need of saving, I sure wouldn’t object to it being this geezer stepping forth offering me a trip to paradise!

Incidentally, lately it has been reported the painiting has diappeared yet again.

Leonardo da Vinci: Salvator Mundi 
[c.1500. Oil on walnut panel 65.6 x 45.4 cm]

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