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Dag: 10. mars 2019


I’m getting older; every single cell of my being harbours this awareness. On the day of my birth Death began his steady walk towads me. Never once hurrying – every day, ever closer: a slow, perfect gait displayed only by someone cocksure of his victory. DEATH IS A DIALOGUE BETWEEN Death is a dialogue betweenThe …

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A Treasure Found

The painting was bought for GBP 45 in 1958. In 2005 an art collector began restoring the painting and Leonardo’s masterpiece was discovered hidden beneath layers of paint. Salvator Mundi is auctioned in November at Christie’s in New York and expected to fetch some £75m ($100m) My heart beat faster from aesthetic pleasure when I …

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Yunus Emre | Knowledge

Knowledge should mean a full grasp of knowledge:Knowledge means to know yourself, heart and soul.If you have failed to understand yourself,Then all of your reading has missed its call. What is the purpose of reading those books?So that Man can know the All-Powerful.If you have read, but failed to understand,Then your efforts are just a …

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