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thor heine dyrud - yankee

Bro | Thor Heine Dyrud

Thor Heine Dyrud, my beloved brother

Today he would have turned 60. To put it in the simplest of terms: I miss him. I often do.

My brother was a good man. He was decent, talented, and he had a huge, warm heart. He was a young man full of empathy and he carried hopeful dreams about a bright future as a professional musician but, alas, destiny decided that was not to be.

This photograph is of Yankee, the band he was a member of. It was taken in the early 70s, only a few months before he left this world. My brother is the guy on the far right, and the brown suede jacket he’s wearing I’d bought in London. I gave it to him because he liked it, and it fit and suited him better than it did me. A simple gesture of brotherly love.

Be blessed, bro, wherever you are. I miss you terribly.


Illustration: Yankee, the band my brother played in. My brother to the right. He played the guitar. The photo is for a poster and taken mid-1974

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